Quick Way to Learn about New Students

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10 Things You Should Know about Me

On the first week of school, read or (present in a Power Point) 10 things you want your students to know about you.  Make them interesting facts about yourself. Then tell the students you want them to share 10 things about themselves.  They can write them on paper and add drawings or doodles if they want.  After you have given them some work time, ask for a few class members to share several of their facts.  Collect everyone’s papers by the end of the week and you will have helpful information about each student’s interests and some keen insight into what is important to them.

I have used this idea with third through eighth graders.  (I asked third graders to write 6 things I should know about them and eighth graders to write ten or more.)  This idea works well because students are writing about themselves, sharing information that helps them get to know one another, and sharing information that helps me get to know them quickly.   Students who join the class later in the year can complete this same activity to help classmates get to know them.