Monthly Archives: February 2017

Did I Say that Out Loud?

During an afternoon math lesson, several unruly students asked for help completing their practice problems.  Their classmates chattered away as I redirected one student after another while re-teaching.  Interruptions and redirections were so routine that often I silently said, “Lord, Give me strength.”   I prayed so frequently that it became reflexive, and just before saying it, I rolled my eyes and let out a long sigh.  Several minutes into re-teaching the lesson, the secretary buzzed our room asking me to send one of the students to the office to go home early.  Then she reminded me it was my class’s turn to practice bus evacuation.  I rolled my eyes and let out a long sigh, but just before I could speak my silent prayer, Robert said, “Looooord, give her strength!”   A huge smile spread across his face and I realized my prayers had not been silent after all.

We are heading into the ultimate “LORD, GIVE ME STRENGTH” portion of the school year.  The next few months are fraught with testing, squirrely student behavior, extra school events, and more.  We can roll our eyes and sigh, but we should also make sure we pray asking God to give us strength.  Who better to ask than Him who knows our needs, understands our weariness, and has a limitless supply to give?