True Summer

May is a fast-paced mix of emotions.  We honor mothers and veterans, celebrate graduates, and say goodbye to the children we have taught all year.  There are times of exhilaration, moments of sadness, flashes of fear, and bits of relief sprinkled throughout the month-long roller coaster ride.  And then, in an instant, the ride comes to a screeching halt leaving us feeling dizzy, looking for our land-legs, and wondering what just happened?

During the first few days of this new season, you may catch yourself checking school email or thinking about planning next week’s lessons.  But then, the sweet relief of summer will wash over you like a cold wave of water.  In those moments, I hope you take a chance to start getting back to your true self.  You know, the self you were last summer, before you had to teach students each day, grade stacks of papers each night, attend meetings at all hours, and answer emails in between.

My prayer for you this summer is that God helps you relearn to forsake the multi-tasking of the school day and simply be present in each moment.  This will look different for everyone.  It could mean enjoying a meal without simultaneously working through a to-do list.  Being present could mean putting away the phone to play with the kids, choosing to be undistracted by emails, texts, and tweets. It could mean looking into the eyes of a loved one or friend and really listening when they speak rather than nodding intermittently while scrolling through Facebook.  It could mean being silly and spontaneous in a way you never could be at school.  Whatever being present looks like for you, I pray it will move you away from the survival mode of school into the thriving mode of summer and towards your best self.  May these moments bring you contentment and rest.

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