Monthly Archives: March 2016

You Look Tired

I was trying to finish teaching a lengthy math lesson to my class of rambunctious students.  I had just asked a particularly disruptive student (who I’d already spoken to at least twelve times) to sit down and get to work. I glared at him as he sauntered up to me, shook his head and said with a smile, “Hmmmm . . . you look pretty tired today, and do you know how I can tell?”

Before I had a chance to respond he tapped me twice with both of his pointer fingers, right on the dark circles under my eyes. “It’s because of these two things right here,” he said.  I immediately started laughing because I knew I did look tired, and that day, he was the reason why!

If you look tired, it is likely because of the students you have spent this year teaching and redirecting.  The beauty of it is that you teach and redirect them so well, they have no idea that they are the reason you’re starting to look like a raccoon.  🙂

Working with children is tiring, but you do it with such grace, class and style.  It may seem discouraging for them to point out your exhaustion from time to time, but be thankful you are so good at what you do!

Practical Application:  When you have some time off from school, schedule (actually write in) time just for yourself on the calendar.  You have been so busy taking care of others.  Don’t forget (or feel guilty) about taking care of yourself.