I Want to be First

Not first to arrive in the lunchroom or first to tattle about what happened on the playground at recess or first to the rug to listen to you read.

I want to be first to thank you for the amazing job you did this week.

Thank you for the arguments you mediated, the tears you dried, the papers you graded, the lessons you taught, the kindness you showed, the patience you had, and the lives that you changed.

Thank you for going the extra mile, for planning ahead, for having an impromptu conference with a parent, for consoling the student whose parents are getting divorced, for working through your lunch hour, and for talking a co-worker down off the ledge.

Thank you for returning each day with enthusiasm, for being organized, for helping every student feel part of your classroom community, and for lying awake at night trying to figure out how best to reach your toughest student.

You are changing lives and I want to be first to say thank you.


4 thoughts on “I Want to be First

  1. Pam

    Thank you, Julie, for your words of encouragement. It’s easy to lose patience sometimes, but reminders like yours help me keep a view of the bigger picture, the whole impact, the real reason I do what I do!

  2. Julie

    Thank you, Julie! Hope it’s okay that I copied and printed this to put on our staff bulletin board as a High Five for all.


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